How to Promote in Hard Times

Should you promote in hard times? With all the uncertainty going on with the economy and the stock markets recently, one thing we know that helps is to boost your marketing efforts beyond what might feel comfortable. Here at Connect Up Marketing we like to call it “taking massive action”. ‘Wait a minute,’ you might say, ‘with all this uncertainty I think I’ll just economize and cut back on advertising and promotion.’
That might sound like the best way to go – sit tight and see what happens, right? But if you haven’t heard the story of the competition between Kellogg and CW Post cereal companies in the early 20th century, let me share it with you right now, because it’s relevant.
Kellogg's Marketing Ad
Both of these cereal companies were doing okay when the depression hit in late 1929. C.W. Post did what they thought was the sensible thing to do in tough economic times: they cut back on their advertising budget. Kellogg did the exact opposite; despite all indications to the contrary, they tightened their belts in other area and poured the coals on their marketing efforts and actually increased their marketing budget.

In 1933, when the economy reached the bottom and everyone else was suffering, Kellogg’s profits were up by 30%. When the dust settled and depression finally ended, Kellogg was the clear market leader and has pretty much remained so up to this day. The lesson here is if your prospect’s dollar is harder to come by, you need to fight harder for it.

With that in mind we want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your marketing efforts up-to-date and relevant. To help you do your “Kellogg Campaign” we’re adding two hours of social media coaching to any website purchased this month.  And if you don’t need help with social media, maybe you’d like to have your logo refreshed, or perhaps a phone brainstorm as to how you can take massive action for your business.

Whatever you need help with, pertaining to getting more business and moving closer to your goals, we are just a phone call (828) 367-0488 or an email away.
We look forward to working with you!
Best, Wayne & Mandy

Burgundy is the New Dark Blue

Burgundy is the new dark blue as far as website design goes. banks tend to use dark blue a lot, and therefore since the economy meltdown dark blue is a dirty color in web-world. Just some friendly advice, and also pure opinion on my part.

Mandy Wildman

People are Spending Money – Get YOUR Share!

It’s an industry fact – whenever marketing companies are busy early in the year like we are right now – the economy is poised to improve and people are going to be spending more money than they have been in the recent past. The busier the marketing consultants and business coaches are, the more money is going to be spent by consumers. Here’s how we know.

If you live and work in or near a tourism area, such as Western North Carolina or Florida or anywhere people like to take vacations, you have an easy way to tell how 2011 is going to be, economically speaking. Simply call up some bed and breakfasts, theme parks, tourist attraction or wedding venues – and ask about their spring/summer/fall bookings. If they are reporting increased bookings (and summer bookings in popular tourism areas are out the roof right now) then you know, as a business owner, that they will be spending money. On food. Cars. Clothing. Sports equipment. Pet sitting. Carpet cleaning, landscaping, jewelry, hair salons and spas – the list goes on. Even printing and office supplies and commercial rentals will see a viable increase in their business this year because the economy does not improve in one segment alone.

And this is not intended to be a dissertation on the economy. We’re telling you this because we know, based on the fact that business for us as a marketing company tripled in the first eight weeks of this year, that YOU are going to be busy this year. You’d better start marketing vigorously if you want a piece of that action (money). We’ll be here if you’d like to talk about what you should do. Just give us a call (828) 367-0488, or email us.

Mandy Wildman, online marketing specialist and  The MoMo Coach