New E-Books Sells 3 Per Day in First Week!

This is a pretty amazing online e-book launch success story, if we do say so ourselves. It proves that Internet miracles can and do still happen.  Oh, and maybe it hints at how wonderful and marvelous we are at what we do, but we don’t need to mention that.

The client had some very popular online nutrient charts which we had created for her over a period of several years.  She recently came to us because people had been emailing her asking for a printable e-book version of the charts.  She wanted us to turn the charts into an e-book and then create a simple sales page on her website where people could buy the book through her PayPal account for $12.95.  We were very nervous at the price – e-books don’t generally sell for that amount – but there were a lot of requests so we set the price and hit the go button.  Then we all decided to change the price to $9.95 in case $12.95 was too much.  As we were doing that, we realized that two books had already sold at $12.95 – so we quickly (very quickly) changed the price back t0 $12.95.

That was on Thursday evening.  It is now Monday evening and the client just emailed us to let us know that so far 13 books have been sold.  She hasn’t even told anyone, or sent a mailing to her mailing list, or anything at all.  She has no Facebook or Twitter account (yet – working on it) and still, in the first 4 days she has averaged a little over 3 books per day.  For the math-challenged (like Mandy) that is an immediate income of about $1,170 per month.  Here’s what she says:

“Mandy and Wayne created a beautiful 160 page e-book for me.  Then they made a sales page on my website where people could buy it.  In less than a week, with no promotion as yet, 13 books have sold at $12.95 each.  This is a very exciting start to my book launch.”  Dr. J. D. Decuypere, Nutrient Charts E-Book

Yeah, baby!