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“All Social Media Marketing must be intelligently monitored in order to create interactive dialogue and build relationships with prospective buying audiences (i.e. customers, clients, or fans.).

This takes a lot of experience, knowledge and expertise, and while most of our clients are certainly smart enough to learn how to do some of their own Social Media Marketing, they are also smart enough to know that trying to do it all themselves is not their fastest path to prosperity.”

Wayne J. Porter, President
Connect Up Marketing Group, LLC

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Social Media Marketing Campaign Case Study

Client Profile: A well-known American piano player who wanted to boost his online image, make more potential income contacts and increase music sales.


We took his Facebook presence from almost completely inactive to his being talked about on numerous other FB pages. This is an ongoing process, and just in the past 4 weeks his music has been listened to by hundreds of people who had never heard of him before, despite his being a well-known artist (having sold almost 3 million albums). Here are some examples of the Facebook results so far:

Emile Facebook Activity

Emile Facebook Stats

Comments on We Love The Piano Fan Page


Next, we set up a Twitter account and began tweeting about him. Here are just some of the results so far.

A new fan hears Emile’s music for the first time:

A young woman caught up in the Japan earthquake is comforted by Emile’s music:

And a British film director hears Emile’s music for the first time, opening the door to a possible collaboration.


We knew that he had a YouTube account, but had not had many views on his clips. (less than 10,000). However, a little digging around revealed that he had a fan who had uploaded one of his songs in 2008, which had had over 115,000 views!

We were able to contact that fan and get him to agree to add a link to Emile’s Facebook fan page so that enthusiastic listeners can find him and buy his music. We promoted the link to the clip, and three weeks later the number of views for that video clip has jumped to over 123,000 views.