Why Do I Need Social Media Marketing?

Why Should I Connect Up with people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Because being on social media sites can seriously improve your bottom line. No matter how much you may resist the idea, Social Media Marketing (SMM for short) is here to stay. Using these sites you can meet people with similar interests, get back in touch with people you have known for years and meet new people in ways that were never possible before.

People all over America (heck – all over the planet) are using Social Media sites to promote causes, themselves and their businesses and there are good reasons – money reasons – why you need to be part of the Social Media Marketing movement.

I was talking to someone in his fifties the other day who was finally persuaded by his daughter to get a Facebook account. Almost right away he received a message from his aunt who is in her seventies saying “It’s about time you finally got on Facebook. Now we can stay in touch!”

Wikipedia tells us, “Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.” Interactive dialogue? Hmm – isn’t that what most businesses need in order to close a sale?

Okay, How Does Social Media Marketing (SMM) Work?

You post to your blog and it goes out to your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook (and/or LinkedIn).

“Wait a minute,” you might say. “A blog is social media?” I have actually heard people ask that. And the answer is “Yes, it is.”  Think about it.  A good blog invites interactive dialogue.  You write a post on your blog and people weigh in with their two cents.  And the wise blogger responds to those comments.  That is the ‘social’ part.

And if you think Social Media is frivolous, think again.  One of the activists involved in the protests that ended with the removal of former Egyptian President Mubarek put it this way: “We used Facebook to schedule the protests, Twitter to coordinate, and YouTube to tell the world.”  With social media the protesters could stay closely coordinated in ways we have never seen before.  Now I am not suggestion that you plan a revolution any time soon but when something major happens pretty much anywhere in the world, it appears and is talked about on Twitter and other Social Media sites almost immediately.  How do you think CNN gets its information so fast?

Interesting Statistics:

  • More than three fourths of the US population is on the internet (240 million).
  • There are almost 150 million blogs out there.
  • 190 million people use Twitter and 500 to 600 million use Facebook.

Another aspect of getting involved in the Social Media world is that if you aren’t talking about your product or service on the social media sites, chances are someone else is. Being connected up yourself lets you be part of the online social conversation and gives you an opportunity to do damage control, if needed.

Can I Sell My Products/Services Through Social Media?

Yes and no. If you try to “sell” through the social media sites people will tend to be a bit put off by that, kind of like trying to sell used cars at a church meeting. But it is a great way to meet potential customers and it is highly likely they will become interested in what you are doing once you establish an interactive dialogue with them and show genuine interest in what they are doing.

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